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Earth First! Journal 20, no. 6

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Christine Halvorson reports about the march of indigenous Brazilians against 500 years of oppression, and Edward May sheds light on the slaughter of sea lions in British Columbia. The issue also features stories from various actions against capitalism during May Day 2000.

The Dutch Hunger Winter 1944-45

The Hongerwinter was a major famine that occurred in the Netherlands, particularly in the Nazi-occupied western part of the country. Twenty-two thousand people died and 4.5 million were affected by the direct and indirect consequences of the famine.


Energy Transitions in History: Global Cases of Continuity and Change

About this issue

Over the last two centuries, human beings have come to rely on ever-increasing quantities of energy to fuel their rising numbers and improving standards of living. In this volume of RCC Perspectives, scholars from around the world consider how our relationship to energy has changed, why it has changed, and how it may change in the years to come.