"Explorations in Historical Climatology"

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Exploring Environmental History (podcasts)

Oosthoek, Jan. “Podcast 46: Explorations in Historical Climatology.” Exploring Environmental History Podcast, 24 July 2012. MP3, 23.39. http://www.eh-resources.org/podcast/podcast2012.html.

Dagomar Degroot explores the issue of how the changing climate of the Little Ice Age influenced the cultural, military, and economic histories of the Dutch Republic during the early modern period. In addition, Dagomar discusses the pitfalls of determinism and indeterminism in historical climatology, the sources available to historians researching climate, and the relevance of historical climate research for present day debates about global warming and climate change. Finally, he talks about the importance of blogging for the historical profession as a tool to communicate research outcomes to a wider audience.

Explorations in historical climatology (18.96 MB)

Music Credits: “Where You Are Now” by Zapac, “Flowing Water” by Pitx.

Exploring Environmental History podcasts are periodic programmes featuring interviews with people working in the field, reports on conferences and discussions about the use and methods of environmental history. They are posted on the Environmental History Resources website, which is maintained by Jan Oosthoek.

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