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South Asia, India subcontinent
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"‘Man-eaters’ in the Media: Representation of Human-leopard Interactions in India Across Local, National, and International Media"

Crystal A. Crown and Kalli F. Doubleday explore media representation of Human-Leopard Interactions (HLI) in India, focusing on detecting agenda-setting and framing in articles, and whether these differ with the level of association with HLI. They conclude that the largely negative depiction, and differences in representation between geographic locations, could hinder mitigation strategies and policy by presenting stakeholders with incomplete information.

Troubling Species: Care and Belonging in a Relational World

About this issue

The categories and the types of care we assign are very often tenuous and troubled in nature. The articles in this volume explore some of the intricacy, ambiguity, and even irony in our perceptions and approaches to “multispecies” relations.


Why Poverty? Solar Mamas

This film follows a diverse group of women from around the world as they attend the Barefoot College in India. The college teaches them solar engineering skills to allow them to contribute to their communities and improve their daily lives, but societal and familial pressure proves challenging.

Katiyabaaz [Powerless]

Powerless is a film about India’s energy poverty and the people’s desperate measures to create functioning infrastructure. Electricity “thieves” divert power to homes and small businesses and come head-to-head with electricity supply companies.