South Africa

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Africa, Southern Africa
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"When Race and Social Equity Matters in Nature Conservation in Post-apartheid South Africa"

The authors draw on empirical experience to assess the extent of the impact of race and social equity in conservation, with the aim of promoting sustainable and more inclusive conservation practices in South Africa. Their findings suggest conservation practices in post-apartheid South Africa are still exclusionary for the majority black population.

"Invasive Narratives and the Inverse of Slow Violence: Alien Species in Science and Society"

Through a case study of the “invasive alien species” (IAS) narrative in South Africa, Susanna Lidström, Simon West, Tania Katzschner, M. Isabel Pérez-Ramos, and Hedley Twidle suggest that IAS oversimplifies the webs of ecological, biological, economic, and cultural relations to a simple “good” versus “bad” battle between easily discernible “natural” and “nonnatural” identities.