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Women and Energy

About this issue

This volume of Perspectives offers a collection of largely untold stories that demonstrate women’s agency in energy transitions.


"Feigning Democracy: Performing Representation in the UN-REDD Funded Nigeria-REDD Programme"

In this special issue on Disempowering Democracies, Emmanuel O. Nuesiri critically examines the United Nations’ REDD and REDD+ programmes (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation plus the sustainable management of forest and enhancement of carbon stocks) in Nigeria and finds them to exclude politically weak rural people.

Earth First! Journal 20, no. 8

This issue of Earth First! Journal features various stories about the actions to defend Adnyamathanha territory in Australia, the protest against genetic engineering, and the fight against industrial agriculture in Brazil. In addition, Felix Tuodolo tells the story of how Nigerian military opened fire on youths after Shell’s oil spill.