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– Revised Edition –

Whales offer investigative bridgeheads into the cultural histories of nonhuman species, the hidden histories of energy economies, and the complicated histories of cross-cultural contact. This volume brings together contributions from all corners of the Pacific Ocean, offering perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Fiji, Hawai‘i, Siberia, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. Particular emphasis is placed on the experiences of Indigenous peoples and women as active agents in the whaling trade. Utilizing new forms of evidence and new tools of interpretation, this collection of essays delves into the depths of Pacific history in order to investigate and test the Pacific world concept and probe the limits of human abilities to know other species. This revised edition contains a supplementary essay on captivity, culture, and eastern Pacific gray whales.

How to cite: Tucker Jones, Ryan, and Angela Wanhalla, eds. “New Histories of Pacific Whaling,” Revised Edition, RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society 2019, no. 6. Revised Edition. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/9119.