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In this issue of RCC Perspectives, Frank Uekoetter discusses the position of the environmental movement in society. A narrative of natural progression for environmentalism, from modest beginnings to a global force with the promise of a more sustainable future, is unconvincing in the early twenty-first century. Uekoetter argues that while we are currently witnessing a resurgence of environmentalism, this new environmentalism will look different from environmental movements of the past; we will miss the new wave if we continue to think along historical lines. Environmentalism, he concludes, must become self-reflexive, drawing its strength from an open-minded examination of its own past.

How to cite: Uekoetter, Frank, “Consigning Environmentalism to History? Remarks on the Place of the Environmental Movement in Modern History,” RCC Perspectives 2011, no 7. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/5588.