About this issue

This volume of RCC Perspectives combines a number of essays in Canadian environmental history and related disciplines. The essays are united by a focus on cultural perceptions of Canadian environments, by an analysis of the interrelationship between nature and culture over time, and by a discussion of the human impact on natural environments. Taken together, the essays deal with some of the most central questions in Canadian environmental studies: How have the different cultural values of indigenous Canadians versus European Canadians played out in history? What are the roles of National Parks? How can the oppositional goals of recreation and conservation be united? How can we best understand the relationship between modern cities and water? And what are the biggest challenges for a country that has access to the third largest freshwater supply in the world?

How to cite: Klopfer, Nadine, and Christof Mauch (eds.), “Big Country, Big Issues: Canada’s Environment, Culture, and History,” RCC Perspectives 2011, no 4. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/5585.