YELLOW CAKE: Die Lüge von der sauberen Energie [YELLOW CAKE: The Dirt Behind Uranium]

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Tschirner, Joachim. YELLOW CAKE: Die Lüge von der sauberen Energie. [YELLOW CAKE: The Dirt Behind Uranium]. Berlin: Um Welt Film Produktionsgesellschaft, 2010. 108 min.

Director Joachim Tschirner goes behind the scenes at the site of the largest sanitation project in the history of uranium mining, in the German provinces of Saxony and Thuringia. The project’s price tag of around €6.5 billion provides some indication of the dimensions of dealing with the legacy of radioactive and poisonous wastes associated with uranium mining—to say nothing of the human cost, which the film also explores. Five years in the making, this exploration of 65 years of uranium mining history also takes viewers to active mines in Namibia, Australia, and Canada. Hans-Eckardt Wenzel and Nora Guthrie’s rendition of the song “Every 100 Years” accompanies the film’s subtle treatment of a subject that otherwise attracts relatively little public attention. (Source: Official Film Website)

© 2010 Um Welt Film Produktionsgesellschaft. Trailer used with permission.

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