Welcome to the Anthropocene

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Gaffney, Owen, and Félix Pharand-Deschênes. Welcome to the Anthropocene. 2012. Length: 3:38 min. https://vimeo.com/39048998.

Website: http://www.anthropocene.info Commissioned by the London “Planet Under Pressure” conference, the film provides a data visualization of the state of the planet. It opens at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. As the camera swoops over Earth, viewers watch the planetary impact of humanity: cities, roads, railways, pipelines, cables, and shipping lanes until finally the world’s planes spin a fine web around the planet. The graph’s y-axis title rotates like an airline departure board providing latest information on key parameters: population, energy use, GDP, urbanization, fertilizer use, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and others. The graph overlay is an artist’s interpretation of the great acceleration in human activity. The film was produced as part of the world’s first educational portal on the Anthropocene.

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