Wätterschmöcker [Weather Gazers]

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Horat, Thomas. Wätterschmöcker. Switzerland: Mythenfilm, 2011. 35 mm, 98 min. https://youtu.be/y20jasCjPHk.

In the heartland of Switzerland and particularly in the Muota valley an old tradition is still alive. An old tradition that is under threat of being forgotten by the modern age of satellite pictures and computer generated weather predictions. It is the prophesying of the weather on the basis of in-depth observations of animals and plants, winds and clouds. This intense, poetic documentary film accompanies seven weather prophets, from the Swiss interior, on their surveys of nature through the changes of the seasons. Landscapes, the music of the Hujässler and the unadulterated dialect of the locals, enables the viewer to experience a nearly forgotten, archaic world. (Source: Official Film Website and Press Kit)

© 2011 Mythenfilm. Trailer used with permission.

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