Vienen Por El Oro, Vienen Por Todo [They Came For The Gold, They Came For It All]

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Abba, Pablo D’alo, and Cristian Harbaruk. Vienen Por El Oro, Vienen Por Todo  [They Came For The Gold, They Came For It All]. Argentina-Bolivia: coop99, Malcine, 2010. 16 mm, 81 min.

In Esquel, Argentinean Patagonia, a Canadian company was granted with the rights to extract gold and silver from a mountain located seven kilometers away from the city, using huge amounts of water and cyanide. With fifty percent of the population living below the limits of poverty, the mining enterprise arises as the great solution for such dearth. They Come for the Gold, They Come for it All tells the epic victory of this little Patagonian town who defeated huge economical and political powers, making a big choice about their own future. (Source: San Francisco Green Film Festival)

© 2010 coop99, Malcine. Trailer used with permission.

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