Umwelt als Ressource: Die sächsische Papierindustrie 1850–1930

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Umwelt als Ressource. Cover.

Mutz, Mathias. Umwelt als Ressource: Die sächsische Papierindustrie 1850–1930. Umwelt und Gesselschaft, edited by Christof Mauch, Helmuth Trischler, and Frank Uekötter, vol. 4. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Co, 2012.

The interaction and co-evolution with the environment is a fundamental aspect of modern industries. This is particularly true for the paper industry due to its special requirements regarding location, availability of resources, and disposal of waste. Mathias Mutz examines three dimensions of this interaction, the spatial, the material, and the institutional, focusing particularly on the German paper industry in the region of Saxony. He looks at problems such as the transportation of products, optimizing the flow of raw materials such as water and wood, and investment in wastewater treatment facilities. (Text adapted from Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht and the Rachel Carson Center)