Trashed: No Place For Waste

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Brady, Candida. Trashed: No Place For Waste. Wattlington: Blenheim Films Ltd., 2013. HD, 97 min.

Vast landscapes in China are covered in tons of rubbish. The wide waters of the Ciliwung River in Indonesia are now barely visible under a never-ending tide of plastic. Children swim among leaking bags; mothers wash in the sewage-filled supply. Each year, we now throw away fifty-eight billion disposable cups, billions of plastic bags, 200 billion liters of water bottles, billions of tons of household waste, toxic waste and e-waste. With Jeremy Irons as our guide, we discover what happens to the billion or so tons of waste that goes unaccounted for each year. On a boat in the North Pacific he faces the reality of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the effect of plastic waste on marine life. Meanwhile, global warming, accelerated by these emissions from landfill and incineration, is melting ice-caps and releasing decades of old poisons, which had been stored in the ice, back into the sea. The film highlights solutions to the pressing environmental problems facing us all, but also reveals that some solutions are as frightening and toxic as the problem itself. (Source: Adapted from the Official Film Website)

© 2013 Blehneim Films Ltd. Trailer used with permission.

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