Tongass: Pulp Politics and the Fight for the Alaska Rain Forest

Durbin, Kathie | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Durbin, Kathie. Tongass: Pulp Politics and the Fight for the Alaska Rain Forest. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 1999. 2nd. expanded and updated edition published 2005. Kathie Durbin draws on the voices of the people most affected during the post-World War II era, following the arrival of two major pulp companies in the Tongass National Forest, the planet’s largest coastal temperate rainforest. These include: independent loggers who fought back when the pulp companies conspired to drive them out of business; courageous biologists who warned that logging was destroying critical fish and wildlife habitat; Tlingit Indians who saw their traditional hunting grounds vanish, and young activists and lawyers who found their lives transformed by the battle for the Alaska rainforest. The second edition of the book incorporates a chapter about political and economic developments since 1999 that covers issues such as tourism, infrastructure, and the resurgence of timber-friendly politics. (Text adapted from Oregon State University Press website.) Kathie Durbin has written about forest ecology and forest politics since 1989, as a staff reporter for The Oregonian and for numerous other publications.