Sugar Town—The Day After

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Tsakiris, Kimon. Sugar Town—The Day After. Athens: Anemon Productions, 2009. HD, 70 min.

The Mayor of Zacharo in Greece, also known as Sugar Town, is a man on a mission. A self-proclaimed hero, he will stop at nothing to rebuild his constituency after the biggest wildfires in Greece’s history swept through the area, burning everything to the ground. His vice mayor and 24 villagers died in the devastating fires, while he barely escaped with his life. The question is: Will his plans to redevelop the area, and his indifference to the rule of law, destroy what is left? This film is a story of disaster capitalism, ambition, and graft, where greed and exploitation threaten to leave nothing but scorched earth for the community of Sugar Town. (Source: Anemon Productions). 

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