State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability

Worldwatch Institute, ed. | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures


This is the definitive guide to culture and sustainability…. If you’re involved in transforming our world for the better, it is essential reading!

—Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity Without Growth

Worldwatch has taken on an ambitious agenda in this volume. No generation in history has achieved a cultural transformation as sweeping as the one called for here…. it is hard not to be impressed with the book’s boldness.

—Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank

Worldwatch Institute, ed. State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability. Washington: Worldwatch Institute, 2010.

Like a tsunami, consumerism has engulfed human cultures and Earth’s ecosystems. Left unaddressed, we risk global disaster. But if we channel this wave, intentionally transforming our cultures to center on sustainability, we will not only prevent catastrophe, but may usher in an era of sustainability—one that allows all people to thrive while protecting, even restoring, Earth.

In State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures, sixty renowned researchers and practitioners describe how we can harness the world’s leading institutions—education, the media, business, governments, traditions, and social movements—to reorient cultures toward sustainability. (Text adapted from Worldwatch Institute’s website)