“Politics with Will Kymlicka”

Hirtenfelder, Claudia | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Sound & Vision

Hirtenfelder, Claudia. “Politics with Will Kymlicka.” The Animal Turn, season 6, episode 1, 22 October 2023. Mp3, 1:21:45.

Claudia launches Season 6 by talking to Will Kymlicka about politics. They discuss how animals remain largely sidelined in political philosophical thought, as compared to other areas of ethics and social theory. Will delves into three different models for how to bring animals into politics: politics “on behalf of” animals, where humans represent animals; politics “by” animals, where wild animals exercise self-government; and politics “with” animals, where humans and animals do politics together and co-author decisions. As examples of joint politics, they discuss recent efforts to share power with domesticated animals in farmed animal sanctuaries, in the family and in the workplace. (Source: The Animal Turn)

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