Plenty of Fish

Kelsey, Elin, Katrina Pyne, and Amorina Kingdon | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Sound & Vision

Kelsey, Elin, Katrina Pyne, and Amorina Kingdon. “Plenty of Fish.” Hakai Magazine, 7 June 2021. Mp3, 26:27.

In this episode of the podcast, we learn all about the very loud mating calls of plainfin midshipman (Porichthys notatus) also known as singing fish.

Ah, l’amour. Finding a mate is a big part of life for all animals and those beneath the waves are no exception. Of course, this search for love often involves—you guessed it—sounds. From the booming grunt of a fish trying to lure a lucky lady to his lair, to the mournful moan of a whale, sending out deep, loud sounds across ocean basins to potential mates from far, far away, this episode of The Sound Aquatic listens in on love beneath the waves.

 (Source: Hakai Magazine)

In this episode of The Sound Aquatic, host Elin Kelsey introduces listeners to the mating calls of fish.


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