A Place Without People

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Apostolidis, Andreas. A Place Without People. Athens: Anemon Productions, 2009. HDV, 55 min. https://youtu.be/QrEmUjNhwyo.

A Place Without People is a film about how the local population of Tanzania has been evicted to make way for the creation of the world’s most famous nature reserves. Set in the famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater, the film explores how the parks came to be and how western perceptions about nature radically altered both the East African landscape and society. The film focuses on the people who “should not be there,” not only because their voices are rarely heard but also because they are constantly being antagonized and excluded, while the tourist industry is rapidly depleting the area’s natural resources. (Source: Anemon Productions

© 2009 Anemon Productions. Trailer used by permission. To order a DVD copy of the film, contact Anemon Productions at info@anemon.gr.

This film is available at the Rachel Carson Center Library (RCC, 4th floor, Leopoldstrasse 11a, 80802 Munich) for on-site viewing only. For more information, please contact library@rcc.lmu.de.

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