Paul Josephson on "An Environmental History of the Soviet Arctic"

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Carson Fellow Portraits (videos)

Niepytalska, Marta, “Paul Josephson on ‘An Environmental History of the Soviet Arctic.’” Carson Fellow Portraits. Directed by Alec Hahn. Filmed August 2011. MPEG video, 3:34.

Paul Josephson is a specialist on the history of big science and technology in the twentieth century. Over the past ten years, Paul has turned increasingly to environmental history in a series of comparative studies in which he examines the impact of large scale projects (i.e. hydroelectricity, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, forestry, industrial fisheries, nuclear power) on various ecosystems and local residents. Paul’s work is primarily archival-based. He is a specialist on the history of fish sticks (Fischstäbchen), and on the irreversible environmental impact of jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs. He is finishing an environmental history of the USSR in collaboration with colleagues at the Central European University in Budapest. At the Rachel Carson Center, Paul worked on an environmental history of Soviet arctic conquest.

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