The Next Industrial Revolution

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Bedford, Christopher; Morhaim, Shelley. The Next Industrial Revolution. Baltimore: Earthome Productions, 2002. 35 mm, 55 min.

The Next Industrial Revolution communicates the work and vision of architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart, two leaders in a growing movement to transform the relationship between commerce and nature. Both work with corporations with over half a trillion dollars in annual sales, companies like Ford and Nike, to redesign buildings, processes, and products to work according to nature’s rules. “The question before us is not growth versus no growth,” says Bill McDonough, “It is: What would good growth look like? And this is a question of intent, of design. What if we grow health instead of sickness, home ownership instead of indigence, education instead of ignorance?” Using the stories of five projects that represent a revolutionary change in the direction of the human economy, the documentary rethinks current environmental efforts, shows how we can reinvent businesses and institutions to work with nature, and considers how consumers, producers, and citizens can promote a new sustainable relationship with the Earth. (Source: Earthome Productions)

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