Nature's Past episode 69: “Environmental Racism and Canadian History”

Kheraj, Sean | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Nature's Past (podcasts)

Kheraj, Sean. “Episode 69: Environmental Racism and Canadian History.” Nature’s Past: Canadian Environmental History Podcast, July 29, 2020. MP3, 41:07.

In recent weeks, political commentators and some Canadian politicians have questioned and even denied that Canada has a history of systemic racism. To most Canadian historians, however, systemic racism is an obvious and pernicious part of the history of this country. The same is true in Canadian environmental history and evident in the legacies of environmental racism… . The field of environmental racism emerged in the 1980s in the US out of the scholarship on environmental justice and the work of the Commission for Racial Justice. It examines the ways in which racism shaped inequitable exposure to environmental hazards and access to natural resources. In Canadian history, environmental racism is mediated through the structures of settler colonialism upon which the country was founded.

(Source: Nature’s Past)

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