Most—Nachruf auf eine Alte Stadt [Most—An Old Town's Obituary]

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Banuls, Sylvie, and Peter Heller. Most—Nachruf auf eine Alte Stadt [Most—An Old Town’s Obituary]. Berlin: absolut Medien GmbH, 1998/99. PAL, 60 min.

The film tells the story of the vanished town Most in Northern Bohemia. An almost thousand year old town was sacrificed to coal mining: all buildings were torn down, a gothic church was moved, nature contaminated, humans were driven away from their surroundings. All that was left of old Brüx / Most is a heart-stopping hole in the landscape. The town only lives on in the heads of its elderly. (Source: filmkraft)

© 1998/99 filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR. Trailer used with permission.

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