Money in the Mangroves

Fent, Ashley | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Environmental Film Profiles (videos)


Fent, Ashley. Money in the Mangroves. 2018. HD, 33 min.  

This short film, funded by UCLA’s Lemelson Award for Innovative Digital Projects in Social Research, combines remote sensing, qualitative interviews, desk research, and illustrations to show the complexities and controversies surrounding mangrove reforestation in Senegal and The Gambia. It traces the genealogy of community-based mangrove reforestation, which sought to revitalize economically important ecosystems in response to the Sahelian droughts of 1968-74 and the 1980s, through more contemporary reforestation campaigns, financed by international actors motivated by biodiversity conservation and carbon offset market mechanisms. We show the ways in which this shift has remade incentive structures, economic benefits, and socio-ecologies in ways that may be both promising and problematic. (Source: Ashley Fent)

This film is designed as a publicly available educational tool. It is available online for distribution.

Videography: Cheikh Sadibou Mane (Chesam Productions). Editing: Ashley Fent & Nathan Nguyen-Le. Illustration & Design: Ashley Fent & Christie Ford. Remote Sensing and Maps: Remi Bardou. UCLA Research Team: Dr. Judith Carney, Ashley Fent, Remi Bardou, Christie Ford, Johnneson Mymala, Robert Burns, Jonathan Atallah.