The Marion Lake Story: Defeating the Mighty Phragmite

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Schiller, Greta. The Marion Lake Story: Defeating the Mighty Phragmite. New York: Jezebel Productions, 2014. HD, 28 min.

This is a compelling tale of ecological crisis and renewal. An 18-acre lake on the east end of Long Island, New York, is being decimated—choked to death by an invasive reed (Australis phragmite). Marion Lake provides crucial habitat for migrating birds, rare turtles and other flora and fauna, and is cherished by locals who remember the beautiful lake of their childhood. One local resident, Lori Luscher, takes it upon herself to write a grant request to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to clean up the lake, but the grant requires matching funds of $100,000. So begins the empowered grassroots fundraising campaign led by local residents and environmental groups. The film chronicles the seven-year long process of individual sacrifice, activism, and ecological renewal of a cherished local resource. The result is an inspirational grassroots model for environmental restoration in action at the local level. (Source: Jezebel Productions)

© 2014 Jezebel Productions. Trailer used with permission.

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