L'or des Autres [The Gold of Others]

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Plouffe, Simon. L’or des Autres [The Gold of Others]. Montreal: Amazone Film, 2011. HD, 60 min. https://youtu.be/I1TtQp10Zrc.

The arrival of the mining company Osisko creates a lot of agitation in Malartic, a small community of 3,600 people in Quebec, Canada. Many families and seniors need to write off certain elements of their heritage and way of life. Others see their lifestyle disappearing in order to make room for the previously unthinkable: the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada. The project is endorsed by the implacable Mining Act, which prioritizes the right to exploit subsoil resources rather than the right to protect the properties and lands of the citizens. The characters in L’or des Autres experience the turmoil affecting their town that will drastically change their way of life and environment forever. (Source: Maximage)

© 2011 Amazone Film. Trailer used by permission. 

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