Interview with Sara Rich, author of Mushroom

Melcher, Miranda | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Melcher, Miranda. “Sara Rich, ‘Mushroom.’” New Books in Biology and Evolution, 25 March 2023. Mp3, 00:44:01.

Mushroom (Bloomsbury, 2023) by Dr. Sara Rich explores the ordinary object of mushroom, one whose encounters with humans are usually limited to a couple of species prepackaged at the grocery store. This book presents these objects as the firmament for life as we know it, enablers of mystical traditions, menders of minds lost to depression. But it acknowledges, too, that this firmament only exists because of death and rot.

Rummaging through philosophical, literary, medical, ecological, and anthropological texts only serves to confirm what the average forager already knows: that mushrooms are to be regarded with a reverence deserving of only the most powerful entities: those who create and destroy, and thrive on both.

(Source: New Books Network)

In this episode from the New Books Network podcast, Sara Rich is interviewed on her recent book, Mushroom.

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