Fiona Cameron on "Museums, Education, and Climate Change"

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Niepytalska, Marta, “Fiona Cameron on ‘Museums, Education, and Climate Change’ ”. Carson Fellow Portraits. Directed by Alec Hahn. Filmed 2012. MPEG video, 3:30.

Fiona Cameron is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney. Her research and writing focuses on the idea of the museum and interrelationships between institutions and contemporary societies in an increasingly complex and globalizing world, with projects in two areas of interest. The first examines the agency of the museum sector in public culture in the representation of “hot” topics of societal significance and importance. The second investigates digital technologies and museum collections. She has been a recipient and lead chief investigator of seven Australian Research Council grants, the most recent being the international research project, “Hot Science, Global Citizens: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions,” with the Australian Museum, Museum Victoria, Questacon (Canberra), Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), and the Liberty Science Center (New York). Other notable projects and international collaborations include the ARC SPIRT project, “Exhibitions as Contested Sites: The Roles of Museums in Contemporary Societies” with the Australian Museum, Australian War Memorial, and twenty-eight other institutions, also funded by the Canadian Museums Association.

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