Facing It

Atkinson, Jennifer | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Facing It.

Facing It. A podcast hosted by Jennifer Atkinson and produced by IntrasonusUK. https://www.drjenniferatkinson.com/facing-it.

The age of climate crisis is upon us, and grief and anxiety are on the rise. This podcast explores the emotional burden of climate change, and why despair leaves so many people unable to respond to our existential threat. Overcoming that paralysis is the first step in moving to action, and yet official climate strategies rarely address the emotional toll of climate grief and eco anxiety. Meanwhile, frontline communities—particularly people of color, indigenous communities, and other historically-marginalized groups—are experiencing the heaviest mental health impacts of climate disruption and displacement. This series introduces ways to move from despair to action by addressing the psychological roots of our unprecedented ecological loss. (Text from Facing It)

Facing It is a podcast about love, loss, and the natural world, written and narrated by Jennifer Atkinson, professor of environmental humanities at the University of Washington. The music is produced by Roberto David Rusconi and the podcast is produced by IntrasonusUK.