Environment, Power, and Justice: Southern African Histories

Wynn, Graeme, Jane Carruthers, and Nancy J. Jacobs | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Environment, Power, Justice. Cover.

Wynn, Graeme, Jane Carruthers, and Nancy J. Jacobs. Environment, Power, and Justice: Southern African Histories. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2022.

This book highlights the ways poor and vulnerable people in South Africa, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe have mobilized against the structural and political forces that deny them a healthy and sustainable environment. Spanning the colonial, postcolonial, and postapartheid eras, these studies engage vernacular, activist, and scholarly efforts to mitigate social-environmental inequity. Some chapters track the genealogies of contemporary activism, while others introduce positions, actors, and thinkers not previously identified with environmental justice. Addressing health, economic opportunity, agricultural policy, and food security, the chapters in this book explore a range of issues and ways of thinking about harm to people and their ecologies.

Because environmental justice is often understood as a contemporary phenomenon framed around North American examples, these fresh case studies will enrich both southern African history and global environmental studies. Environment, Power, and Justice expands conceptions of environmental justice and reveals discourses and dynamics that advance both scholarship and social change. (Source: Ohio University Press)

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