Dschungelburger—Hackfleischordnung International [Jungleburgers]

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Heller, Peter. Dschungelburger—Hackfleischordnung International [Jungleburgers]. Munich: filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR, 1986. VHS, 16 mm, 58 min. https://youtu.be/cFTFCsYy42s.

The hamburger patty industry provides over 25 million people world-wide with industrialized ground beef on a daily basis and is expanding rapidly with aggressive marketing campaigns bit(e) by bit(e) around the globe. In Latin America rainforests die for the sake of feeding the meat consumption in the global North. The people of the poor “Third World” are victims in two ways: as customers and as providers of the raw material for the food industry and its agrobusiness, which causes long-lasting damage to the environment. Fertile ground is devastated on an enormous scale so that fast food fans in the United States can have their daily burger. The internationally award-winning film follows the trail, from new pastures created by clearing regions in Middle America to modem slaughterhouses in the First and Third Worlds, and shows how a country is turned into a meat factory by thoughtless eaters. (Source: Adapted from the Official Film Website)

© 1986 filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR. Trailer used with permission.

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