Dirty Business

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Benenson, Bill and Gene Rosow. Dirty Business. Oley: Bullfrog Films, Inc., 2009. 35 mm, 89 min.

Can coal ever really be made “clean”? If we tried to wean ourselves off coal, how would we keep the lights on? Is renewable energy ready for prime time? Guided by Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell, Dirty Business seeks answers in a series of stories: citizens fighting to build a solar power plant instead of a new coal plant in Nevada; a Kansas cowboy saving his cattle ranch with wind power; doctors tabulating the true cost of coal pollution in the damaged health of newborns in China, where a new coal plant goes up every week; innovators making a southern Rust Belt factory so energy efficient that it will steal jobs back from China. Dirty Business is the first major public media project to explain and demystify “clean coal” and to explore the extent to which increased energy efficiency and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar thermal power might make “clean coal” unnecessary and uneconomical. (Source: Bullfrog Films)

© 2009 Bullfrog Films. Inc. Trailer used with permission.

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