Detroit Wild City

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Tillon, Florent. Detroit Wild City. Paris: Ego Productions, 2011. HDV, 80 min.

A city in search of its future. Who would have credited Detroit with such resilience? For a long time, the former “Motor City” was considered a lost cause. This film shows both the apocalyptic side of the city—with the ruins of Michigan Central Station as the symbol of decay—and the new life emerging out of the canyons between abandoned skyscrapers. Green pioneers are at work and transform fallows into fertile fields. They are not farmers by profession but by distress. Director Florent Tillon is asking a provocative question: Is the path of the post urban city leading back to nature? (Source: Official Press Kit)

© 2011 Ego Productions. Trailer used with permission.

This film is available at the Rachel Carson Center Library (RCC, 4th floor, Leopoldstrasse 11a, 80802 Munich) for on-site viewing only. For more information, please contact

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