Der Agrar Rebell [The Agro Rebel—Permaculture in Salzburg Alps]

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Verhaag, Bertram. Der Agrar Rebell: Permakultur in den Salzburger Alpen. [The Agro Rebell—Permaculture in Salzburg Alps] Munich: DENKmal-Film and Bayerisches Fernsehen, 2000. 45 min.

This documentary shows how mountain farmer Sepp Holzer rebels in his own way against monoculture and blinkered public authorities. In the face of constant objections, he defends his vision of a healthy and natural way of working with animals and plants, which is tailored to suit each species. Holzer has transformed the woodland and meadow areas of his farm, which lies up to around 1400 meters above sea level, into a paradise that yields an array of edible produce, where his animals and plants live happily together. (Source: Adapted from DENKmal-Film).

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