“Deadly Affairs: An Art Exhibition about Toxicity”

Alampi, Antonia | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Various artists, toxiThropea.sunset, 2019, Deadly Affairs (23 March–30 June 2019), Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp. © 2019 Tomas Uyttendaele.

Alampi, Antonia. “Deadly Affairs: An Art Exhibition about Toxicity.” Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review, no.1 (July 2022).

Sometime in 2018 I joined a tour of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Guided by art historian Ingrid Greenfield, it highlighted the role of trade between Africa and Europe in the stylistic development of the Renaissance. An unexpected debate ensued about the color white. It revolved around the fact that white’s association with purity, sanctity, and innocence is a predominantly (yet not exclusively) Western cultural attribute. In many other cultures, white represents the opposite. (From the article)

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2022 Antonia Alampi

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