De Engel van Doel [An Angel in Doel]

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Fassaert, Tom. De Engel van Doel. Amsterdam: SNG Film, 2011. 16 mm, 96 min.

Near the port of Antwerp lies the village of Doel. A village that has been in the way of the megalomaniac expansionary urges of Antwerp for decades and now finally has to disappear. While Doel is slowly dying, the elderly Emilienne attempts to keep up a pretense of normality. At her kitchen table, village life seems to continue like nothing has changed. But when her close friends leave, the village priest dies and demolition begins, the downfall seems inevitable. Will she ultimately also be forced to let go? Eventually, An Angel in Doel is about the struggle against the inevitable: mortality. (Source: SNG Film)

© 2011 SNG Film. Trailer used with permission.

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