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Jones, Owain. A blog about the environmental (ecological) arts & humanities (blog). https://ecologicalhumanities.wordpress.com/.

This is a blog of thoughts and resources about the Environmental Humanities by Owain Jones. Jones is a Professor of Environmental Humanities at Bath Spa University with a range of inter-disciplinary nature-society research strengths centered on cultural geography. He has been involved in an AHRC Connected Communities scoping project on “situated and therapeutic narratives”; an NWO-AHRC project on vulnerable tidal coasts and community; and an AHRC, Connected Communities Large Grant (sustainability theme) that is creatively investigating how citizens and communities might connect with water and each other through multiple water issues. He has worked on a series of ESRC and RELU funded projects on flooding, food chains and more, and has published more than fifty peer-reviewed papers on various aspects of nature-society relations, landscape, place, memory, affect, and non-human agency.  

A blog about the environmental (ecological) arts & humanities contains a “Blogroll” column to guide visitors to key Environmental Humanities research centers, journals and the like, while posts reflect on resources and questions in the Environmental Humanities.