Birds in Our Lives

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Birds in Our Lives. Cover.

Kothari, Ashish. Birds in Our Lives. Hyderabad: Universities Press (India) Private Limited, 2007.

Birds in Our Lives provides glimpses of the incredible diversity of India’s birds: the ecosystems where different birds are found, the various ways—cultural and economic—in which birds have touched our lives, and gives a brief account of the history of ornithology in India. It stresses on the serious threats that bird habitats and populations face, and gives a sense of both the continued erosion of Indian birdlife, as well as the rapidly growing efforts to save it. Finally, it provides key pointers for what needs to be done if we want to save this precious natural heritage. (Text from back cover) 

© 2007 Ashish Kothari. Used with permission. The complete book is free to download courtesy of the author.  

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