Beautiful Islands

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Kana, Tomoko. Beautiful Islands. Los Angeles: Eleven Arts, 2004. HDV, 106 min.

The movie looks at three beautiful islands shaken by climate change: Tuvalu in the South Pacific, Venice in Italy, and Shishmaref in Alaska. The three islands have different climates and cultures but the people all love their islands. The documentary, filmed over three years, focuses on the inhabitants’ everyday lives. The camera follows two sisters growing up on Tuvalu, a joyous costume festival and traditional fine glass crafts in Venice, and traditional seal hunting in Shishmaref. When these people lose their homelands, their cultures and histories face “death.” By being close to them, we can feel the present state of the earth. The movie has no narration. It is a voyage around the world, listening to the sounds of waters and winds while, witnessing people and their lives slowly and quietly sinking under the water. (Source: Director’s Website)

©2004 Eleven Arts. Trailer used with permission.

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