Asikel—Die Reise [Asikel—The Journey]

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Heller, Peter. Asikel—Die Reise [Asikel—The Journey]. Munich: filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR, 1990. Color, 90 min.

“The gazelle stays in her country—during drought and during fullness.” The Tuareg Aha Agh Hama is one of the many veiled men in his country living on the edge of the Sahara in Mali, who during the great drought catastrophe a few years ago, was forced to leave his tent and move to the far away city in order to earn enough money to support their nomad families. Although the men spend almost the entire year working in the hostile environment of the city, their hearts are still at home in the tent camps. Once a year they set off, laden with presents and food supplies, on the great journey through this huge country with its various cultures. (Source: Official Film Website)

© 1990 filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR. Trailer used with permission.

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