Abschalten—Apaga y Vámonos [Switch off]

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Mayol, Manel. Abschalten—Apaga y Vámonos [Switch off]. Barcelona: Andoliado Producciones, 2005. Original format: Super 16 mm, Color, Dolby Stereo, 82 min. https://youtu.be/uZslC5shuaM.

It is understood that artificial water reservoirs provide us with “clean energy.” However, hardly any other kind of energy production interferes as severely with environment and culture as this one. The construction of the world’s third largest river dam, the Ralco in Chile, initiated the downfall of the indigineous Mapuche-Pehuenche culture. The Spanish energy giant Endesa built an enourmous dam in the Bíobío river, with the permission of the Chilean governmen. The Mapuche were forced to give up genuine property rights and resistance to the expropriation was declared an act of terror. President Eduardo Frei, who was a shareholder of Endesa, ordered the detention of the Mapuche leaders. The movie is dedicated to the political prisoners of the community. (Source: Official Film Website)

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