2012—Time for Change

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Amorim, João. 2012—Time for Change. Santa Barbara: Mangusta Productions LLC., 2010. HD, 85 min. https://youtu.be/QLKscdnBckU.

The film’s first order of business is dealing with the Mayan and Hopi myths that echo the Old Testament stories of human wickedness swept away by a holy flood. Both the Hopi and Mayan lore forwarned that 2012 would be a date of high danger. Scientist Michio Kaku observes that 2012 could see a Solar Maximum that could dissolve the electronic glue that holds modern society together. A radical economist predicts 2012 will see the collapse of the world economy, triggering food riots, a US tax rebellion, and civil war. But just as there was an Agricultural Revolution, an Industrial Age, and an Information Age, 2012—Time for Change predicts the arrival of a transformative Age of Wisdom. In sympathy with this hope, several interviewees praise the Sixties as the first phase of an “initiatory process” for the modern psyche: the first step in breaking away from egocentric, profit-driven materialism. What’s now needed is a profound shift in how we conducting ourselves on this planet, replacing the rituals of an “unsustainable suicide culture” with lives that respect the needs of others. (Source: The Berkeley Daily Planet)

© 2010 Mangusta Productions LLC. Trailer used with permission. Watch the full movie here.

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