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The Business Council for Sustainable Development promotes sustainable development among businesses.

Fan Kuan is one of the leading landscape painters in the Northern Song Tradition, and one of the most important artists in traditional China.

As it prepares to protest against French nuclear weapon tests, the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior is destroyed by French intelligence agents.

With a human death toll of 830,000, the earthquake in the Chinese province of Shensi is considered the deadliest in history.

With 30,000 to 100,000 victims, this earthquake is among the most devastating natural disasters in European history.

The first nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) plants are cultivated in Jamestown, Virginia.

In Sylvicultura Oeconomica, written in response to the widespread scarcity of wood throughout Europe, Hans Carl von Carlowitz summarizes extant forestry knowledge and supplements it with his own observations.

English engineer Thomas Savery patents a steam engine for removing water from mine shafts; with subsequent improvements, the device would later drive the Industrial Revolution.

The term describes wild or uncultivated land.

A severe famine hits the Deccan region in India from 1630–1632.