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The oil production and related infrastructural developments severely disrupt the natural equilibrium of this West African ecosystem.

Commissioned by the Club of Rome and published in 1972, the report warned that unchanged population growth and resource consumption would dramatically worsen the conditions for humanity in the near future.

The 1987 UN report charts a sustainable development path.

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to former US Vice President Al Gore and the IPCC for their efforts to communicate the dangers of climate change.

Economist and Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow argues for substitutability of resources.

The United States Green Building Council becomes the world’s first association for sustainable architecture.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first to ascend Mount Everest in Nepal.

The Business Council for Sustainable Development promotes sustainable development among businesses.

The Madrid Protocol provides for comprehensive protection of the Antarctic environment and dependent and associated ecosystems.

Fan Kuan is one of the leading landscape painters in the Northern Song Tradition, and one of the most important artists in traditional China.