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This climate phenomenon was first observed in 1578. Occurring primarily in the Pacific, it can lead to extreme weather in many world regions.

The World Summit for Social Development takes place in Copenhagen.

The New Forest is declared a royal forest under King William I of England.

In 1999, the World Green Building Council is founded in San Francisco.

The eruption kills nearly the entire population of the island of Sumbawa and destroys the coasts of two further Indonesian islands. The spread of ash clouds leads to “the year without summer.”

In 1966, masses of water cause the deaths of more than 120 people and leave much of Florence in ruins.

John Evelyn’s report for King Charles II of England becomes one of the first tracts on urban air pollution.

Increased international demand for rubber leads to destruction of forests in Amazon River basin.

The fire ranks among the three largest forest fires ever recorded in North America.

The largest recorded bushfire in a populous region in Australian history.