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Scientists, doctors and, politicians are the principle players behind the Netherlands’ first hygiene movement.

The instability of a dam project near the town of Lorca in North Spain causes an inundation killing nearly 1000 people.

The first North American smallpox epidemic occurs on the Canadian Great Plains and along the US West Coast.

Australia’s first passenger steam engine train connects Melbourne to its harbor.

Mining for uranium begins in Australia, which holds 23% of the world’s proven estimated uranium reserves (1.2 million tons).

The discovery of the Kimberley diamond field in South Africa has fueled exploitation and conflict.

The treaty prohibits nuclear weapons tests or other nuclear explosions under water, in the atmosphere, or in outer space, but still permits underground nuclear tests.

A severe famine in Ethiopia and Eritrea affects eight million people.

The “Grüne Punkt” (Green Point) symbol shapes Germany’s recycling system.

Jane Goodall begins her decades-long study of social interactions of wild chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania.