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"Creating Landscapes of Coexistence: Do Conservation Interventions Promote Tolerance of Lions in Human-dominated Landscapes?"

This paper uses a comparative case study approach to explore the individual and societal desire to maintain current lion populations alongside communities in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, and Kenya’s southern Maasailand.

"What Does Conservation Mean for Women? The Case of the Cantanhez Forest National Park"

Susana Costa, Catarina Casanova, and Phyllis Lee present a study of the obstacles to women’s participation in conservation strategies associated with Cantanhez Forest National Park (CFNP), in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. The findings revealed that the women felt the Park was responsible for malnutrition in the communities due to damage of crops by wildlife.

"Environment, Memory, and the Groundnut Scheme: Britain’s Largest Colonial Agricultural Development Project and Its Global Legacy"

This article focuses on perceptions and memories of the “Groundnut Scheme”, an enacted peanut monoculture in East Africa and one of the largest colonial agricultural development initiatives in history, trying in particular to trace the different functions that were assigned to the social and ecological landscape of Tanganyika.