Wild Earth 11, no. 3/4

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Wild Earth 11, no. 3/4

Intended as yet another instrument for attacking anthropocentric ideologies and voracious agricultural/industrial civilizations, the journal Wild Earth was published by the Earth First! movement between 1991–2004.

Butler, Tom, ed., Wild Earth 11, no. 3/4 (Fall/Winter 2001/02). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library. http://www.environmentandsociety.org/node/6100.

Issue Theme: Citizen Science

This issue includes:

  • Citizen Scientist or Amateur Naturalist? by Reed Noss
  • Macroinvertebrate Data: Volunteers vs. Professionals by Eleanor Ely
  • Neighborhood Nestwatch by Peter P. Marra and Robert Reitsma
  • An Inventory of Nature by Debra Shore
  • Diving for Data by Christy Pattengill-Semmens
  • A Meeting of Monarchs and Citizens by Michelle Prysby
  • A Citizen Science Web Sampler

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