“What’s in a Name? More-Than-Human Approaches and Environmental History”

O’Gorman, Emily | from Multimedia Library Collection:

O’Gorman, Emily. “What’s in a Name? More-Than-Human Approaches and Environmental History.” Global EnvironmentA Journal of Transdisciplinary History 16, no. 2 (2023): 401–9.

Providing a name like more-than-human histories for a general set of approaches invites scholars from within and beyond environmental history into the conversations generated by these ideas. Within environmental history it can help to develop ideas, sustain dialogue and promote new approaches. … Being explicit about how we undertake more-than-human histories can help us to be more attentive to how we conduct our research. It can also promote discussion within and beyond environmental history around both shared and divergent approaches and interests. (From the article)

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